Frequently Asked Questions

How will my student obtain their Rutgers ID card and what is it used for?
The Rutgers ID card can be picked up at the Impact Booth in the Campus Center. Students must uplod their photo first. The Rutgers ID card will be used to access most services and facilities on campus including academic buildings, the Paul Robeson Library, the Residence Halls, printing services, meal plans, etc. 
My student is starting this semester and we haven’t heard anything yet. What should we do?
After your student is admitted to the University, their first step is to accept their admission and pay the enrollment fee through the Office of Admissions.  Students will receive an email with next steps, including Net ID activation, placement testing requirements, and updates regarding the orientation and advising process. If your student is transferring from another institution, or took dual-credit courses in High School, they will need to send their official transcripts as soon as possible. 
All communication from the New Student Orientation will initially be sent to the email listed on your student’s Rutgers application. Once their Net ID is activated, your student will have access to their Rutgers Scarletmail and our office will send information there.
How does my student register for classes?
New students register for their first semester of coursework at their assigned virtual Advising and Registration date. During this one-on-one virtual session, they will meet with their Academic Advisor to review their program requirements and register for classes. 
Students in the College of Arts and Sciences Honors College will be contacted directly by the Honors College to meet individually with an Academic Advisor to create their schedule before the start of the semester. This student population will attend this appointment instead of an assigned Advising and Registration date.
How does my student declare or change their major?
New students must confirm their major when filling out the Registration Form for their Advising and Registration date, which will be sent in their initial next steps email. If your student wishes to change their major after their new student process, they must contact the Office of the Registrar at or (856) 225-6053. The University advises that students consult with their Academic Advisor before changing majors to make sure they are aware of any academic requirements or policies.
What does it mean to be a full-time student versus a part-time student?
A part-time student is enrolled for fewer than 12 course credits in one semester, while a full-time student is enrolled in 12 or more course credits. Not all schools accept part-time applicants and a student’s status will determine their term bill.
What is the cost of tuition and fees?
Costs for Undergraduate and Graduate study vary according to school and full-time or part-time enrollment. Final amounts are approved by the Board of Governors. To view the Estimated Cost of Attendance, visit here.
Why do students pay for a Campus Fee if we are not on campus?
The campus fee is charged to all full-time and part-time students on each regional campus to support student programs and services. While we have been virtual, these services and programs are still offered to students including the Student Wellness Center, Career Center, Learning Center, Office of Student Involvement, Athletic and Rec. Center, etc. For a full description of student fees, please visit the Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services website.
When can the term bill be paid?
Term bills are emailed to your student’s Rutgers-Camden email, their ScarletMail, once it becomes available. Students cannot view their term bill until they have registered for courses. 
How can my student obtain a parking pass?
An email will be sent to your student once a parking pass becomes available to purchase (typically available at the end of August). Once your student has registered their vehicle, if they are a Commuter Student they will be allowed to park in lots C-15 and C-16. Please see the Campus Map for their locations. 
Where can my student find their textbooks?
Once your student is registered for courses, there are a number of ways they can check for any required textbooks. One method is to login to the Web Registration System and select the appropriate semester. From here, students should select Barnes and Noble-Camden to locate their textbooks. Another method is to visit the University Bookstore site and enter the course codes for their registered courses. If the book list is available, it will come up. Students can also check their course syllabus they receive from their professor for any required texts.
What immunizations are required?
The Student Wellness Center provides a list of required immunizations, found here. Additional information about immunizations and forms can be found on the Rutgers Immunization Portal. Please note that some immunizations on the list are required for all students, while others are required for those moving into on-campus housing.
All forms must be submitted no later than July 15 for students entering in the Fall semester and January 5 for students entering in the Spring semester. Students admitted to the University after the deadline should return the forms as soon as possible.
How can my student get involved on-campus?
Our campus has over 40 clubs and organizations on-campus, as well as Greek organizations. Students can find and attend events and programs on-campus by visiting ENGAGE, the Rutgers-Camden website used for listing clubs, organizations, and events, or through the Rutgers-Camden App on their phone. Your student can also visit the Office of Student Involvement for more information.
How can my student find on-campus jobs or internship opportunities?
The Career Center has recently introduced Handshake to our campus, an online application for students to locate employment opportunities both on and off-campus. Handshake provides students with access to jobs and internships based on their majors and interests. 
Each student is assigned a Career Counselor according to the major they declare. Career Counselors are an excellent resource for job guidance, interview assistance, and resume building. Students can connect with their Career Counselor using Raptor Connect.
Students should also check if they qualify for work-study through their Financial Aid Award Letter. Some on-campus offices accept work-study students each semester for on-campus job opportunities.
Where can my student find out information about on-campus housing and dining?  
For information about housing, your student can visit the website for the Office of Housing & Residence Life (OHRL). They also provide a Frequently Asked Questions page to help with many of the common questions that every resident may be unsure about. 
For information about the wide variety of dining options available to students and meal plans, your student can visit the Dining Services website.
Why does my student need a placement exam?
Any student required to take a placement exam will be emailed stating which exam they must take along with instructions for doing so. Below is an overview of the University placement test requirements.
English Placement Exam
All students must take the English placement exam unless they are exempt for one of the following four reasons:
  • Your student is transferring in an English Composition course for which they have received college credit.
  • Your student earned a 500 or higher on the verbal portion of their SAT.
  • Your student earned a 24 or higher on the English portion of their ACT.
  • Submitting AP credit in which a 4 or above has been earned on the examination.
Math Placement Exam
All students are required to take the math placement exam unless they are:
  • Submitting transfer credit for a 100-level college Math course in which they receive a C or better.
  • Submitting AP credit in which a 4 or above has been earned on the examination.
Foreign Language Exam
All students pursuing degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences must fulfill a foreign language requirement. Students must take a placement test in the appropriate language to determine which course to take. Foreign language exams are offered in French, German and Spanish. 
For more about additional credit courses, such as dual-credit coursework and AP exams, visit here.
Why does my student need to take English Composition courses?
Your student must meet certain undergraduate requirements in order to graduate. These include General Education Requirements, which students in all schools must complete, and School/College Graduation Requirements. English Composition I and II are part of the General Education Requirements, so all students must complete them. Students may also transfer in credit from their previous institution or submit AP English Exam scores with a score of a 4 or 5 to receive English Composition credit.
To read more about the Undergraduate Graduation Requirements, visit here.
My student took AP courses in high school, are they still required to take a placement exam?
Any student who took AP courses in high school must have completed the AP exam receiving a score of 4 or 5 to be exempt from a placement exam and receive college credit.
Visit here to view our list of AP scores and course equivalencies.
Can you tell me about the safety on-campus?
Rutgers-Camden strives to provide a secure environment for the entire campus community. The Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) patrols the campus and the surrounding neighborhood all day, every day. RUPD consists of over 20 commissioned police officers and 60 security guards in addition to the Delaware Port Authority and Camden County Police to patrol our campus and keep your student safe. RUPD provides security escorts for students, faculty, and staff along with emergency text alerts to notify the community of any critical emergency happening on-campus. For more information about campus safety, visit here.
Questions about Orientation
Does my student have to attend orientation?
Yes, your student is required to attend and complete multiple parts of their new student orientation including, the Online Orientation, in-person Orientation, a virtual Advising and Registration date, and the Everfi Online Orientation Modules and Academic Integrity Tutorial. These programs allow your student to learn how to navigate our campus, meet and interact with other students, register for classes, and learn about the resources and services available to them at Rutgers-Camden. 
What are the Everfi and Academic Integrity Online Modules?
The Everfi and Academic Integrity Online Modules are a mandatory part of your student’s orientation to help them address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, and academic integrity.  An email will be sent to students when the modules are available.