About Us

The Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University-Camden works to expand opportunities for students to learn about and interact with different people, cultures, and customs. The division is committed to help motivate and inspire students to devote time and energy to educationally - purposeful activities both inside and outside the classroom. We promote student leadership and professional development, help students address special needs or difficulties, provide opportunities for students to be involved on campus, in athletics, in organizations and in administrative committees.  The Division of Student Affairs works to improve the quality of student life for all students and the campus community. Our programs and services help prepare students for successful careers, and allow students to remain healthy and active.


Core Values

The following values are central to the Division of Student Affairs and guide how we do our work and fulfill our mission.
Students and Community
We are committed to creating a community that encourages and practices civility, compassion and care for others. We understand that how we work and provide services directly impacts the student experience. We therefore strive to work together to create connections and relationships that help us respond to the needs of our students.  
We foster the development and preservation of an inclusive community characterized by cultural understanding and student engagement. We are committed to the recruitment and retention of a diverse staff that reflects the students we serve and are dedicated to providing intentional experiences where students learn from each other.  
As educators, we understand that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. We facilitate a supportive campus environment that contributes to student learning and personal development. Additionally, we seek to inspire students to be engaged citizens within the Rutgers community and beyond.  
We believe that staff members must uphold the highest standards and principles. Ethics and integrity are characterized by trust and respect for each other, collaborative decision-making, appropriate use of University resources, service to students, and the utilization of best practices within the field of student affairs and higher education.  
Tradition and Pride
We believe that our history, institutional pride and university traditions foster shared experiences, connections, and contribute to life-long memories and affinity with Rutgers.