Student Resource List

Campus Resources in Alphabetical Order
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Academic Calendar
For this year’s academic calendar, including registration, withdrawal and refund schedules and deadlines, with links for each semester, please visit the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.
Academic Integrity and Student Code of Conduct
Rutgers University–Camden seeks a community that is free from violence, threats, and intimidation; is respectful of the rights, opportunities, and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University; and does not threaten the physical or mental health or safety of members of the University community, including in classroom space, and a community in which students respect academic integrity and the integrity of your own and others’ work. As a student at the University, you are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity PolicyAcademic Integrity is critical to the success of our students and the community and is everyone’s responsibility to take their education seriously and follow the requirements to ensure that you are doing your own work and following the guidelines of the course and professor and program.
Please Note: The conduct code specifically addresses disruptive classroom conduct, which means “engaging in behavior that substantially or repeatedly interrupts either the instructor’s ability to teach or student learning. The classroom extends to any setting where a student is engaged in work toward academic credit or satisfaction of program-based requirements or related activities.” Please be aware of in-classroom and out-of-classroom expectations by making yourself familiar with and by following the Student Code of Conduct.
Campus Center (ID cards, information, activities, dining, Starbucks, offices, events)
The Campus Center is the hub of the campus, providing information (IMPACT info booth), ID cards, hosting several student services offices, activities, meeting spaces, dining options, programs, and activities. Check out the Campus Center webpage.
Career Center
The Career Center provides services to undergraduate and graduate students, bridging their college experience and professional career. Services include individual career planning and graduate school advising, internship and job search assistance, Handshake jobs & internships database, career and internship fairs, resume and interviewing assistance, and networking opportunities.
Appointments are available in person, virtually or by phone. Schedule your appointment via Handshake or by calling (856) 225-6046. The Career Center is on the lower level of the Campus Center or visit the Career Center website.
Center for Learning and Student Success
The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) provides academic support and enrichment services for students, at no additional cost, including one-on-one tutoring, small-group tutoring and workshops, online tutoring, writing assistance, student success coaching, learning assessment, and metacognition training. Through collaboration with academic departments and faculty, CLASS facilitates programs and provides academic resources to students. Our Learning Specialists provide learning-specific resources and support to students on academic or continued probation. CLASS is in Armitage Hall, second floor, suite 231. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit the CLASS website, email us or call us at (856) 225-6442.
Mid-Term Progress Reporting
Each semester, typically from Week 6 through Week 8, faculty are offered the opportunity to provide students with feedback regarding their academic and clinical [KT1] performance. Mid-Term Progress Reports are intended to encourage students to reflect on their academic performance and to take action, if necessary, to improve their academic outcomes. Students are notified immediately and provided information regarding available resources via email if they receive a progress report indicating concern. Students can access the details of their current and past progress reports by signing into RaptorConnect. Mid-Term Progress Reporting encourages communication among faculty, students, advisors, and student success staff, which is critical to our academic mission.
Chosen Name (Preferred Name), pronunciation, and pronouns
If you have a chosen name or preferred name or pronouns other than what is listed on the roster, let us know. If you would like to have your name changed officially on Rutgers University–Camden rosters, please follow our Chosen Name Process.
In addition, within your Canvas course sites, the Rutgers Shout-Out tool allows you to type the phonetic spelling of your name and record the pronunciation of your name in a shared audio recording for your professor and fellow students.
College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Advising
Academic Advising is an educational process that, by intention and design, facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education, and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning. Academic advising should be ongoing throughout your college career. It helps you clarify your personal, educational, and career goals, and to understand how your courses fit into your goals for the future. Students are assigned advisors based on their declared major. More information, including contact information, how to make an appointment, and general information about policies and procedures are found on the CCAS Office of Academic Advising webpage.
Rutgers University–Camden is committed to providing quality services, a great education, and an engaged and caring experience for our students. Sometimes problems arise, and students may find that they would like to file a complaint about their experience or about a particular situation. To file a complaint, students can complete the Student Affairs Reporting form and someone will connect with you to discuss your complaint, explain options, and address the issue that was raised. Students do have the option of filing a complaint anonymously, but then there will be no way for the office handling the complaint to let the student know how it was addressed. Filling out a form will allow students to understand all options and the different ways an issue can be addressed.
Dean of Students Office—CARES Team
College is a time when you may be testing your independence and/or striving to find yourself. It’s not uncommon for these journeys to have rough points. The Dean of Students Office is here to assist you by strategically and effectively handling and referring student concerns/needs across all areas of the campus and University as needed. For some students, personal, emotional, psychological, academic, or other challenges may hinder their ability to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. The Dean of Students Office serves as your initial contact if you need assistance with these challenges. You can learn more about the free services by calling (856) 225-6050, emailing, or visiting the Dean of Students website.
Dining Services
You can learn more about Dining Services, including meal plans and nutrition services, by visiting the Dining Services website. You can also download the mobile app for dining on the go.
Office of Disability Services (ODS)—Students with Disabilities
If you need academic support for your courses, accommodations can be provided once you share a Letter of Accommodation issued by the Office of Disability Services (ODS) that specifies your accommodations indicated. If you have already registered with ODS and have your Letter of Accommodation, please share this with your instructor early in the course. If you have not registered with ODS and you have or think you have a disability (learning, sensory, physical, chronic health, mental health or attentional), please visit the ODS website, email, or call (856) 225-6954.
Please Note: Accommodations will be provided only for students with a Letter of Accommodation from ODS. Accommodation Letters only provide information about the accommodation, not about the disability or diagnosis.
Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
EOF is a state-funded program that provides grant aid and educational support to eligible New Jersey students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. EOF students received personalized support from an EOF counselor as well as access to exclusive programs, resources, and opportunities designed to support their academic and personal success. For more information stop by our office in the CLASS Suite (2nd floor Armitage Hall, room 231), visit or contact our office at 856-225-6107. 
Emergency and Basic Needs Security (food pantry, housing insecurity, emergency needs)
If you have difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, lack a safe and stable place to live, and/or do not have regular access to technology, and believe this may affect your performance in the course, you are urged to contact the Dean of Students for support and/or can utilize the Rutgers University–Camden Food Pantry located in the Wellness Center. Both offices are in the Campus Center.
Financial Aid
Help Desk (IT support and services)
For technical assistance, visit Help Desk in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab on the first floor of Robeson Library, call (856) 225-6274 or email. Help Desk support is available during lab hours. Visit the IT FAQ page for information and documentation.
Office of International Students and Programs—International (F-1) Students.
If you are an international student at Rutgers University–Camden and you need assistance with immigration documentation, travel, campus assistance, and/or advising, the Office of International Students and Programs provides support services. You can find more information by calling (856) 225-6832, emailing, or by visiting the Office of International Students and Programs website.
Paul Robeson Library (reference desk, study space, computer lab, resources)
We are here to help you succeed! Our dedicated library team will boost your library research skills via workshops and reference help. Our experts will help you find the latest resources to advance your research and strengthen your teaching. If we don’t have what you are looking for, our team will get those items from partner libraries. Our vibrant exhibits and displays will tell you many new stories and our Rutgers–Camden faculty publications area will inspire you. Robeson Library is part of what makes Rutgers–Camden an exciting place to learn! More information is available on the Robeson Library website.
Office of Military and Veteran Affairs - Veteran, Active Duty, and National Guard Member Services
The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs and Rutgers University–Camden support our students who have served and their family members, including providing explanations of benefits, referrals to resources on and off campus, supporting students who are deployed for active duty, and answering questions. If you need assistance and are an active duty, National Guard, or veteran (or are a family member), we can assist. Find more information by calling 856-225-2791 or visiting the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs website.
  • Nursing Student Success Coach
    • The Nursing Student Success coach works specially with students in the Nursing major to identify, define, and overcome academic challenges. The coach helps each student design effective study habits, improve test taking skills, and cultivates mindfulness practices in order to maximize their potential. The Nursing Student Success Coach Office is available to provide each student with guidance in-person, virtually, or by phone. For more information about services or to contact the coach, please call (856) 225-6264, email or utilize the Nursing Success Canvas Page. All nursing students are enrolled automatically in the Nursing Success Canvas page.
  • School of Nursing CARES
    • The School of Nursing’s Center for Academic Resources, Engagement and Services (CARES) is a comprehensive student-centered hub. CARES is dedicated to student services that encompass recruitment, admissions, progression, advisement, mentoring, remediation, counseling, course scheduling, clinical placement, and compliance assistance. Find more information on the CARES website.
One Stop Student Services Center 
The One Stop Student Services Center (One Stop) represents an integrated and coordinated cross-functional service in the areas of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Registration. The One Stop acts as a “single point of service” across these areas to promote a progressive, simplified, and consistent student experience and a culture that supports student satisfaction and success.
The One Stop Student Services Center is here to answer your questions about:
  • Financial aid
  • Bill payment, cashiering, payment plans, and student accounts
  • Registration
  • Records
  • How to keep your college career on track
  • And other campus resources and offices.
The RU–C One Stop Student Services Center is open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm for in-person services. No appointments are necessary. The One Stop is located in Armitage Hall, 311 North 5th Street 1st floor.
How To Contact the Office of Financial Aid:
Submit An Inquiry
If you are a student/parent and require immediate assistance, please submit an inquiry and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.
Make A Phone Appointment
To schedule a phone appointment with the Office of Financial Aid, please click here.
You can also contact the Financial Aid Office via phone by dialing 856-225-6039
How To Contact Student Accounting, Billing and Cashier Services
Submit An Inquiry
If you are a student/parent and require immediate assistance, please submit an inquiry and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.
Make A Phone Appointment
To schedule a phone appointment with the Office of Financial Aid, please click here.
You can also contact the Student Accounting Office via phone by dialing 856-225-6021
How To Contact the Office of the Registrar
Submit An Inquiry
If you are a student/parent and require immediate assistance, please submit an inquiry and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.
You can also contact the Registrar’s Office via phone by dialing 856-225-6053
Recreation and Athletics (Division III athletics, recreation center, activities)
Home of the Scarlet Raptors, there are 17 Division III athletic teams to participate in and cheer on as they compete in the NJ Athletic Conference. Find more information at Rutgers–Camden Athletics. The Recreation Center and activities are open to all students and includes free activities and classes—check out information and hours on our Recreation website.
You can also contact the Registrar’s Office via phone by dialing 856-225-6053. More information is also available on our website at
School of Business Academic Services (Advising) Office
The goals of the Academic Services Office at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden are to support all students in the pursuit of educational, career, and personal goals, and to assist students in the creation of the conditions that will lead to their optimal performance. You can find out more information and make an appointment with your advisor on the School of Business Academic Services website. Find additional information about the office and the stages and plans that they can assist with, from starting at Rutgers-Camden through graduation on this Advising Syllabus document.
Office of Social Justice and Belonging (OSJB)
The Office of Social Justice and Belonging (OSJB) focuses on identity-based student support, education, and advocacy. With programming surrounding our three pillars regarding Race and Ethnicity, LGBTQ, and Interfaith & Religion initiatives, the OSJB focuses on educating students who will use this knowledge and experience to contribute to a more inclusive society. The Office strives to be a safe space where students are heard, supported, and advocated for to feel included on the campus. We acknowledge and understand that these pillars do not stand individually but instead intersect and reflect one’s wholeness. To make an appointment, request a workshop, or propose collaborative efforts, please email
Office of Student Accounting, Billing and Cashier Services (SABC)
Student Success Coach Office
Student Success Coaches work with students to identify/redefine academic goals and discover effective strategies to maximize your full potential as a student at Rutgers-Camden. The Student Success Coach Office is available to provide each student with a unique helping relationship through individual and group coaching (led by professional staff or peer coaches), skill-building workshops & programming, and advocacy and resource referral. For more information about services or to request a coach, you can call 856-225-2183, email at, or visit the website at
Student Involvement (programs, events, activities, student organizations)
The Office of Student Involvement offers various workshops, lectures, and programs to help students develop their leadership style, get involved, and get connected. We provide opportunities outside of the classroom that connect and complement students’ academic aspirations with experiential learning through involvement in student organizations and co-curricular activities. The staff of the Office of Student Involvement serve as educators, mentors, advisors, counselors, friends, referral agents, and disciplinarians in hopes of enriching each student’s collegiate experience. Find more information on the OSI website.
Title IX and the Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance Office
Rutgers University–Camden strives to create a campus community free from discrimination and interpersonal violence and harm. If you have experienced sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, stalking or any form of sex or gender discrimination, help is available. The office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance provides support to students. For more information about VPVA or to schedule a time to speak with an advocate you can call 856-225-2326 or visit the VPVA website. To report an incident or speak with the Title IX coordinator, please visit our Title IX website. If you choose to disclose to me, thank you for trusting me. I am obligated to report any disclosures to our title IX coordinator to ensure you receive the appropriate support and university response.
Please Note: All Rutgers employees (other than those designated as confidential resources such as advocates, counselors, clergy, and healthcare providers as listed in Appendix A to Policy 60.1.33) are required to report information about such discrimination and harassment to the University. This means that if you tell me or any faculty member about a situation of sexual harassment or sexual violence, or other related misconduct, we must share that information with the University’s Title IX Coordinator.
For a sample statement that can be used on your syllabus, visit the VPVA Information & Resources page.   [KT2] 
TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Program
TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) at Rutgers University-Camden is a federally funded program that provides academic support services and activities to students from first-generation and limited income families as well as students with disabilities. TRIO SSS students have access to 1:1 support as well as programs, resources, and opportunities to enhance their personal, academic, and financial success. To learn more stop by our office in CLASS Suite (2nd floor Armitage Hall, room 231), visit, or call our main number at 856-225-6107
Undocumented and DACAmented Student Services.
Undocumented students enrich our university community. Rutgers University–Camden is steadfast in its effort to protect and support all members of our community, regardless of immigration status or personal circumstance. You can learn more about our resources (legal, career, financial) by calling (856) 225-2521 or by visiting our Undocumented Students website.
Wellness Center—Health and Wellbeing Resources
Health and well-being impact learning and academic success. Throughout your time in college, you may experience a range of concerns that can create barriers to your academic success. These might include illnesses, strained relationships, anxiety, high levels of stress, alcohol or drug problems, feeling down, or loss of motivation. The Wellness Center Medical and Counseling staff can help with these or other issues you may experience. You can learn about the free, confidential medical and mental health services available on campus by calling (856) 225-6005, visiting the Wellness Center website, or visiting the Wellness Center on the 2nd Floor of the Campus Center.
Writing and Design Lab—Writing Support and Services
If you need assistance with writing, audio recordings, web creation, or other technology used in class for creating content, the Writing and Design Lab can help. We offer personal tutoring, workshops, and online assistance. You can learn more by emailing us at or visiting the WDL website. From the website, you can schedule an appointment.
Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA)
Wellbeing—National and State Resources in Alphabetical Order
  • Crisis Text Line: text HOME to 741741
  • Crisis Text Line for Students of Color: text STEVE to 741741
  • National Domestic Violence Helpline: (800) 799-7233 or text LOVEIS to 22522
  • National Substance Abuse helpline, SAMHSA’s National Helpline, (800) 662-HELP (4357)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255
  • NJ HOPE line website
  • The Sexual Assault helpline at (800) 656-HOPE (4673)
  • Togetherall – Free Peer Support Groups:
  • Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQ+): (866) 488-7386
  • Uwill – Free virtual counseling with Licensed clinician, 1-833-646-1526,
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