For Parents

At Rutgers University–Camden, we view parents and family members as partners in students' success.  Support for students not only comes from the University but also from family members.  In order to empower you to serve as strong support, we will assist you in learning about the University culture, resources, and tools that can help your student succeed at Rutgers University-Camden. We will be a continuing resource as you need us - to explain policies and procedures, help you understand Rutgers' processes, give you relevant deadlines and timetables, and let you know about our wealth of resources and services. We will be here to answer your questions and your student's questions as they progress through Rutgers.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  We want you to help us educate your student.  You built the foundation; Rutgers-Camden will build upon that foundation. 
Welcome to the Rutgers family!
Why Parent Orientation?
  1. Identify opportunities to support autonomy in your student's college experience.
  2. Recall growth-oriented strategies when supporting your student through academic and social challenges.
  3. Construct a plan to communicate with your student during their first year.
  4. Recognize Parent & Family Programs as your primary resource for information, involvement, and support.