New Student Checklist

The Rutgers-Camden Experience starts here:
Activate Rutgers Email and Net ID
Your NetID gives you access to your Rutgers email account and many other online services. You should set up your NetID as soon as possible by utilizing the website:
Students must activate and begin checking their Rutgers email account. Rutgers-Camden email addresses are used for official communication between university offices and students.  It is extremely important for you to activate your NetID and check your email daily.
Here are the two platforms in which the email is available:
Rutgers Portal -
Gmail interface – (Use
My Rutgers Portal is an easy to use, one-stop site for Rutgers students.  After logging on, students are able to access Rutgers e-mail and resources such as academics, libraries, campus life, financial information, class schedule, and grades, and much more. To use MyRutgers, you will need to have your NetID and password. Please keep your password secure.
Camden Computing Services provides computing services and assistance for students on the Rutgers-Camden campus.  Information about the specific services they offer can be found at:
To learn more about Scarlet Mail and ScarletApps, visit

Transfer Evaluation (If needed)
Your first step is to have your transcripts evaluated, which is a process of converting coursework from outside institutions to Rutgers-Camden course equivalencies and credits. Transfer evaluations are completed by the Admissions Office after transfer students are admitted to Rutgers-Camden.  Evaluations are sent to students by email within five business days of being admitted to the University. Transfer credits are awarded for courses taken at regionally accredited colleges and universities which are found equivalent to courses offered by Rutgers-Camden (provided a grade of C or above has been earned).  There is no statute of limitation on the age of courses that can be transferred. Initial transcripts should be sent with your admissions application to the Office of Admissions.
All final official transcripts and those with updates should be sent to:
Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions
Rutgers University–Camden
406 Penn Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Please note that if you have received an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science from a New Jersey community college, the degree indicator should be included on the final transcript.
Once completed, you can view your Transfer Summary Report here:

Placement Testing
Placement tests are required for all first-year and transfer students who are not transferring a credit-bearing, college-level course in Math, English, and/or Foreign Language. 
As a newly admitted student, you are required to take certain Placement Tests in order to progress through the next steps (this will be indicated on your transfer evaluation).  These tests are designed to assess your mastery of certain basic skills and to point out your particular strengths and weaknesses, as well as to assist in designing a program of study for you. The results of these tests will not affect your admission to the university, but they are very important in determining which courses you will take during your first semester at Rutgers.
Students who are enrolled in a college level Math, English, and/or Foreign Language course at the time of admission may meet the exemption requirements for the Placement Test(s). In order for our office to make that determination, please ensure that you have submitted your updated official transcript as soon as the semester is concluded.
Students who completed dual credit through a college or university or completed an AP exam for English, Math, or a Foreign Language, can be awarded college credit and exempt from placement testing. Please notify the Admissions Office with the course or AP exam completed during high school.

Financial Aid
We urge all students to check their document and award status at to ensure that forms are completed and accurate.
For specific questions, please visit

Rutgers ID Card
The Rutgers ID Card is the official photo identification card issued for Rutgers University-Camden students, faculty, staff, and official guests. The Rutgers ID card serves as your primary form of identity verification throughout the university. Your Rutgers ID Card is also used to access many facilities and services across Rutgers University–Camden, including (but not limited to):
You are required to submit a photo of yourself online through the “Online Photo Submission” website. Students can obtain the Rutgers ID card from the IMPACT Booth in the Main Lobby of the Campus Center, once available.
Please Note: You need to activate your Rutgers NetID and email before you can submit your photo online.
Additional detailed instructions will be included during the online submission process.
Photo submission requirements:
  • Recent color photo
  • Plain, white background
  • Bright, even lighting
  • Centered, frontal view of full face – no profile
  • Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone
  • Eyes open and visible (wear prescription glasses if you normally do so)
  • Must be subimtted a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) prior to your scheduled Advising & Registration Day

Term Bill & Payment Plans
You can access your term bill online by visiting the following website: bills are generated after registering for classes. 
Online payments can be made using MasterCard, American Express, Discover and E-Check. To pay in person, you can go to the One Stop Shop located on the first floor of Armitage Hall (North Fifth Street).
To pay by check through the mail, send payment to:
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey                                                
Term Bill Processing Unit
P.O. Box 2021,
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2021
At the start of each semester, students must complete the RUHere attendance confirmation. You must submit a term bill, even if your balance is zero.  Sign and return your Attendance Confirmation form as you would a term bill.  You can also provide an electronic signature online.

Student Health Insurance
Rutgers University requires full time and ALL F&J Rutgers visa sponsored students to waive or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan each semester. The Health Insurance premium is automatically added to the term bill each semester. 
If you have health insurance, you can complete a waiver form to get the premium removed from your term bill, or if you do not have health insurance, complete the enrollment form.  View deadline dates, rates, specific contact information and complete the waiver/enrollment forms.
Contact: 800-437-6448 or

Medical Requirements and Immunizations
All incoming students are required to submit a Pre-Entrance Health Record Form showing proof of vaccines prior to the start of your first term.  Forms are online and required to be uploaded to the portal.  Students living in University Housing must receive their meningococcal vaccination prior to move-in. 
For more information about required immunizations, please visit

Emergency Contact Information and Notification
Students, faculty, and staff can register at to receive text message alerts in cases of true emergency, such as campus closings or imminent threats to safety and security. This voluntary system will be in addition to methods already in place, such as broadcast emails, alerts on the Rutgers website, outreach to media, and person-to-person contact.
For more information, please refer to the Rutgers-Camden Police Department.

Parking & Transportation
As a new student at Rutgers-Camden, it is important to review parking rules and regulations at  Parking permits can be purchased directly on the Parking & Transportation Services website once available. The Parking Office typically emails students at the end of August with information on purchasing a parking pass.
Please visit the following website for more information:
For information on parking passes:
For information on mass transit: